Purvi Patel – Contemporary Resin Artist

Purvi is a contemporary mixed media artist and an art teacher who calls Sydney, Australia, her home. She has been a practising artist, selling paintings, custom artworks, and functional art internationally for a long time. Growing up, Purvi, along with her art teacher’s guidance discovered that she had a knack with brushes and paint. Her teacher was a great influence and a motivator, who encouraged her to not only to participate but win numerous awards in state and national art competitions in India. This experience stayed with her and helped her develop not only her art but also fundamental skills during her formative years.

After teaching her daughter and friends’ kids on weekends for some time, Purvi realised this is what gives her joy and purpose. She is a passionate, fun-loving, patient, dedicated and talented artist who is also a natural teacher. She loves being around kids and creating art, so recently, she left her full-time career as a Chemist to pursue and share her passion for art and help kids discover their inner potential. Purvi believes learning and practising art, shapes kids by teaching them to focus, innovate and create from imagination. This gave birth to PurviArt with a vision to share Purvi’s passion, experience and expertise with children who are curious to explore their creative side.

PurviArt Classes was founded in 2019. It aims to provide a platform for any child who loves art. Purvi has carefully designed courses, where students can learn, from basics such as sketching, drawing, colour theory, elements of art to advance painting techniques such as shading using acrylic and watercolour, mixed media techniques and abstract art composition, Australian folk art, Pointillism, Observational Art and many other types of art.